The Sport of Airsoft

airsoft warriorThe sport of air soft began in Japan where it is impossible to obtain real firearms. Air soft guns and equipment replicate the real thing and are ideal for rein actors and simulation games. Air soft is similar to paint ball except there is no mark left if you are hit. The game relies on an horror system where players acknowledge being hit by raising their weapon in the air and yelling hit. Usually one player on each team is designated as a medic to revive those on the team who have been hit. In this way no-one must sit out for long periods of time waiting for the next game to start.

There are different types of air soft guns that vary in sophistication and price. Spring, Electric and gas are the three basic types of air soft guns. Spring are usually the least expensive but they can be pricey if they fire at a high FPS. The electric air soft gun is powered by a battery and has the advantage of being automatic. There power varies and you can buy an upgraded version with more power. The gas air soft gun is the most powerful with different versions using carbon dioxide, propane, green gas, red gas, and high pressure air. Red gas may not be legal in your area because it is too high pressure.

There is a lot of gear available other than guns, remember the idea is to simulate military and law enforcement so there is stuff available that replicates just about everything used by an individual in the military or law enforcement in real life. You can buy guns, grenades, vests, extra magazines, speed loaders, and safety gear. It is a good idea to wear a mask because one of the only ways to get hurt is to be shot in the face, especially the eyes.

The initial cost can be quite expensive if you buy all the gear, but once the initial investment is made you will only need to buy pellets, grenades and upgrades. You can buy pellets in bulk which will result in some savings especially if you play the sport a lot. Air soft is a fun sport that you can enjoy with friends for hours on end rein acting famous battles or just making up your own battles. Those that play the sport are limited only by their imaginations and ingenuity.