Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

tactical gearSpring powered Airsoft guns are different from gas or electrical powered Airsoft guns in that they are a single shot cocked device that is similar to a real shotgun. In order to operate this type of an Airsoft gun, you will need to cock the spring. This means that you will have to pull back its slide or bolt before you fire each shot. For this reason, spring powered Airsoft guns are not well suited for close combat competitions. However, they are oftentimes used for sniper type operations and you will still need some forme of defence in the UK to purchase them such as BAC or UKARA membership.

Spring powered Airsoft guns are also the ideal type of Airsoft gun for beginners since they aren’t very expensive. Nevertheless, they are very durable and widely available. Most people actually get started with them.

The most popular spring loaded Airsoft gun is the MP5 SD3. This gun is well known for its Close Quarters Battle. It has a metal retractable stock and a mock silencer. The scale magazine is able to hold 20 rounds. Its upgraded version has an increased range and accuracy that make it ideal for skirmishing. Usually it is made from ABS plastic but it does have some metal components inside of it. This Airsoft gun weighs around 2.89 pounds, can shoot targets that are located several hundred feet away and shoots at a rate of 270 feet per second.

On the other hand, the most widely used spring loaded Airsoft gun is the M9. It has a 22 round magazine, an open ejection port, and a functional trigger, amp and hammer. This model is mainly made from ABS plastic as well but it also has some metal components inside of it. It weighs approximately 1.25 pounds, has a muzzle velocity of 275 FPS and can shoot a target that is up to 90 feet away.