Airsoft Guns

Real Steel Airsoft Guns

airsoft rifleThere are many different types of metal Airsoft guns available on the market today. These are mainly replicas of the Colt M16, H&K M5, Uzi and the magnum revolver. While this may sound dangerous, there are a few that are actually safe, attractive and user-friendly.

One advantage to choosing a metal Airsoft gun is that it has a unique propulsion system. This makes use of a small amount of air to make sure that the lightweight plastic pellets are shot accurately. Herein lies one of the many reasons why these Airsoft guns are so popular in the UK.   There is a lot of great info over at Arnies Airsoft so checkout that site and don’t forget to pay our good friends at a visit to see what bargains are available.

You should know that there are generally 3 different types of Airsoft guns: spring, gas and electric. It is important to look at your own personal situation and preferences in order to choose which of these types of Airsoft guns will be the best suited for you. In order to figure this out, you will need to know a little about each of these different types:

1.Spring loaded Airsoft guns are great for target practice. They are extremely durable and rarely, if ever, will they fail. With these you will be shooting a 6mm soft air bullet that is fed through a clip.

2.Gas Airsoft guns will require more maintenance than a spring loaded Airsoft gun. However, they are driven by environmentally friendly gases.

3.Electric Airsoft guns are used in serious competitions because they are powered by a combination of an electric motor and a battery. These don’t need to be manually cocked every time that you shoot them since the motor and gears will do this for you.