Limitless Airsoft Scenarios

airsoft squadImagine… walking into a cold dark basement. Your yellowish orange Oakley lenses tint the darkness. Your fight or flight, sympathetic nervous system is conjured. You feel a rhythmic heart beat going at a rate of one hundred beats per a minute. Your pupils dilate as your perspiring palms grip the airsoft gun tighter. Being surrounded by a few teammates allows your body to ease up. You and your squad creep down the stairs expecting an inevitable ambush.

But… when? Could the ambush come right as you make it down the stairs? Or, do you and your squad have to flush out each room of the enemy? You make it down the stairs… silence. A sigh of relief overcomes you. As your squad and you tip-toe forward, the blanket of relief soon turns to a blanket of terror. The sound of airsoft guns firing drowns the air as plastic BBs swarm at you. In the heat of the moment you take cover on the ground and start releasing a fury of plastic. Your teammates as well as the enemy yell, “I AM OUT!” Within minutes yelling from the enemy’s side ceases to exist. The lights turn on. You look over against the wall as friend and foe are lined up. You were the last man standing for your team, you have won – now go and gloat over at!

This anecdote gives insight into the excitement and adrenaline felt when engaged in an airsoft gun scenario. This scenario was S.W.A.T. versus the barricaded in criminals. The realism of airsoft creates a fun game that is harmless. Scenarios can range from the previous S.W.A.T vs. criminals to a mock war in a forest; from protect the president to free for all. These four scenarios are just a few of many that can be played.