Distance Contact Sports: Airsoft Gun Games

militaryHave you ever wanted to shoot somebody without suffering the consequences that are commonly associated with homicide? Have you ever wanted to participate in an adrenaline pumping firefight without having to prepare for mental trauma and/or death? Airsoft guns are the solution to these questions and with this short list of airsoft gun games, you won’t have any trouble quenching your shooting needs at your local site.

Target Practice-
This is your staple airsoft gun game. Set up a target and shoot it with your airsoft weapon. This game is perfect for improving your aim.

Death Match-

This is your basic multiplayer game. You send two teams out to two different areas of play. From this point, the only objective is to hurt the other team as much as possible. Whichever team gives up last wins! You can change it up by and introducing a one hit kill rule, which would make your experience more like paintball.

Capture the Flag-

This game is similar to death match, but your objective is to capture your enemy’s flag and return it to your base. This game is great, because the fact that you cannot give up in this game will make players react differently during play. For example, to get away from the pain, some players may retreat while other players will charge head on.

Iron Man-

This game is the most painful game! One person strips down to an undershirt and pants. This player gets two airsoft weapons. All the other players play with one airsoft weapon. The objective is to force the “iron man” in to giving up. The “iron man” has no limit on how many shots he can take. The “iron man” only loses by giving up. One shot from the “iron man”, however, forces a player out of the game.