Characteristics of Airsoft Guns

airsoft gunThough airsoft guns have some of the same characteristics as BB guns, they are not the same. But despite their low risk of injury, they should still be respected. Airsoft guns were designed to look, feel, and operate just like real firearms. At close range, airsoft guns can be very difficult to distinguish from real guns as you can see from the awesome range available at KWA.

They are commonly used for training purposes by the police and military due to the close resemblance to real firearms and the orange tip allows them to be easily distinguished.

Airsoft guns use various methods (spring, gas, or electric) to propel a plastic BB from distances of 50 to 200 feet if no modifications have been done. Some of the airsoft guns will allow you to shoot in either semi or full auto. Some models can fire 10 to 14 rounds per second. Modifications can be done to ensure better accuracy.

Airsoft guns with springs can be found for an average price of $20. They are meant for recreational purposes only, and should never be mistreated to use as real firearms. Electric airsoft guns are lighter in weight, often run on batteries instead of gas, and can cost as much as $500.

The play of airsoft guns is similar to a real gun. You can target practice by shooting at targets, cans, etc. Just remember to use safety and not in the company of small children or pets. The beginner buyer should try the spring model airsoft gun. Once you become more equipped and familiar, you can then decide to move on to more expensive and advanced models of airsoft weapons.