Airsoft Game Types

airsoft squadAirsoft Games

Over the years the sport of airsoft has continually developed, through eager players devising different airsoft games. From this devotion to their sport, many different variations or methods of play have evolved. Most airsoft games are played within a reasonably large predetermined area where the objective is to take out the enemy. As part of the games code of conduct, it is generally accepted that when a player is hit, they will declare it. This is usually done by the raising of their gun into the air, and shouting something similar to, “Hit” or, “Out”. Once hit the player is then required to leave the area and either go to a regeneration point or sit/lie down, known as “dead in place”, this is determined by the specific rules of each match. In some games, the rules state that a hit player will remain dead until another player tags them. Since airsoft pellets are not intended to leave any visible marks on clothing, the declaration of having been hit is usually based on an honor system, something that is held in high regard amongst all airsoft players.

Game Variations

One variation to the rules that can be applied to all of the following airsoft games is known as total chaos. Total chaos is a game of mercy. This rule ignores the one hit your dead rule and is based on the fact that you eliminate yourself, when, simply put, you can take no more pain. This variation is for the hard nosed airsoft gamer with the biggest factor being, the more your gun hurts the better. For this type of combat, it is best to use an automatic airsoft gun to inflict as much pain as possible within the shortest of time.

King of the Hill

One of the more popular of airsoft games is king of the hill. King of the HillThe concept of this game is for a team of attackers to get as close as possible to a point, normally a hill, barricaded by a group of players kow as defenders. On the top of the hill is a flag, with the team that is closest to the flag when the time is over, being declared the winners.

Team Death Match

In the game Team Death Match, both teams of players try to gain the most kills in a match. The teams are permitted to take hostages and the hostages can escape at any time. However, a team is not allowed to take the gun from a hostage, but they can confiscate their ammo (not their clip). The game finishes when a team hits a predetermined total amount of kills, or a time limit is reached.

Capture the Flag

As the game title suggests, two teams play against each other and try to take the other team’s flag back to their base. Once captured, it is required for the flag to be carried so that it remains visible,at all times. The game can be played as two variations: Live Flag or Dead Flag. In the Live Flag version, the flag is dropped if the flag carrier is shot, and another player can then pick the flag up. Whereas dead flag rules state that the flag carrier has to return the flag to the enemy’s base upon being eliminated by being shot before the flag can be taken again.

Last Man Standing

A favourite amongst airsoft players is last man standing. Keen players compete all against all in a game often limited by time and within a restircted area, with the winner receving the accolade of being the last man standing.